NM Robotic offers the following services to its clients.

  • Developing technology roadmaps for research proposals in Austria, EU, and USA
    • Austria: AWS and FFG
    • EU: Horizon 2020
    • USA: DoD and NSF
  • Development of safety critical development and tool qualifcation processes for
    • Automotive – ISO 26262
    • Machinery – IEC 62061 / IEC 61508
    • Aeronautic – DO 178C (SW) / DO 330 (Tool Qualification) / DO-331 (Modeling) / DO 333 (Formal Verification)
  • Developing a initial startegies for high-tech startup in space of aeronautic, automotive and sensor technologies by
    • helping to build a strong team
    • approaching initial customers
    • developing a business plan
    • developing a technology roadmap
  • Developing compliance processes for export regulations in Austria and USA
    • Austria: Militär- und Dual Use lists
    • USA: EAR and ITAR

We proudly have served startups, small, medium and large enterprises.

NM Robotic offers specialized expertise in the technology fields of

  • FPGA based mining of cyrpto currencies
  • Navigation and Control for UAVs and autonomous cars
  • Formal verification of cyberphysical systems in real time and offline
  • Industrial cybersecurity for PLCs

Based on our expertise ranging back to the DARPA Grand Challenge 2006 we provide consulting services on all mechatronical aspects of your complex systems.